Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Telluride Riding

TR and I got out for a nice easy spin on the singles/rigids in Telluride after work on Tuesday. It was a bit muddy from a short afternoon downpour but not too bad. Just enough to irritate you and get the bike muddy. We started at Society Turn/Lawson Hill cruising down the Goose to Bilk Creek across highway 145 and up Deep Creek Road ? to Last Dollar and over to Rudy's and down Mill Creek Road. We ventured onto the Valley Floor single track and back to the cars. 19.5 miles and 2K+ of climbing. A perfect ride as I need to rest the legs for the upcoming weekend of riding/bike packing and for the upcoming Vapor Trail 125 on September 10th. Also in the prairie dawg colony was a badger looking for dinner. Very cool to see the wildlife at work. Eat those damn dawgs up!

On Rudy's Ridge overlooking the $50 million piece of land that TRide wasted money on. Just my opinion.

Bilk Creek climbing wall.

A badger on the prowl for prairie dawgs. I was told they eat 30 dawgs every 6 weeks. No shit!

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