Friday, August 26, 2011

24 Hours in the Sage/Laura's First Ever Solo Effort-3rd place

Laura on one of her 9 laps.

Yep, Laura's first ever solo effort and she placed 3rd in the women's solo division in the 24 Hours in the Sage!!!  9 laps, 126 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing in 24 hours. Very awesome! I'm so proud of her. Laura had less than two weeks to prepare for a solo effort after losing her duo partner. She only slept for an hour at 7am and she just kept it going otherwise. She learned a few things about solo racing and she experienced what I go through during one of these events. It's as equally fun as it is painful. You get tired, your body starts to hurt but you keep going. If you can't keep going you shut it down for awhile. I am familiar with what she was going through so having me in the pit was an advantage for her. She has pitted for me over the last 12 years and now it was my turn to reciprocate. TR was there as well to lend equal support and with two seasoned bikers in her pit she was destined to succeed. Shawn and Dani Gregory were also on hand to assist with Dani pacing her on one lap before dusk. She used my Ay Up lights and loved the night riding. The right lights make all the difference. Thanks everyone who helped in Laura's effort. All she had to do was stay on the bike and she did.


Phil B said...

Way to go Laura you
Phil B

Phil B said...

Way to go Laura.