Monday, August 29, 2011

Rico-Telluride 100

The roll out for the Rico 100.
I knew without a doubt I would finish the Rico 100 but it was not to be. Damn! We had 11 riders sign in and 5 finish the entire route. Congrats to the finishers; 3 on single speeds and two geared riders. See results posted here:

The course was in great condition despite two days of rain in the area. We made quick work of the first leg making it to highway 145 at the Eastfork TH at 10.30am. We had a neutral aid station with water, cookies, soda, etc that Laura had set up that morning for us. Thanks Laura!!! We caught up to Danny and Ryan at the aid station as they were getting ready to head out toward Telluride on the next leg of the adventure. Brian, TR and I downed some fluids, refilled bottles and ate some food and headed onward to Telluride as well. This next leg of the course would take 6 hours to navigate. Much longer than I had anticipated. We stopped at the Conoco in Lawson Hill for a much needed resupply for water and food. I didn't feel like eating but forced myself to eat some fries and a cookie along with a Mountain Dew and bottle of Gatorade. TR and Brian opted for a corn dog which they said was awesome. The grease stick didn't sound good to me at that time. The thunder and rain had started as well but looked like it would clear up a bit for us which it did for the most part as we negotiated the Galloping Goose Trail back to highway 145 and on up the climb to Lizard Head Pass putting us back to the resupply point.

TR, Brian Brothers and I arrived back at the neutral resupply at 4.40 pm; about an hour later than I had planned. I wasn't feeling so hot after grinding back up the pass and the weather wasn't looking that favorable for us. So us three who had ridden together for most of the race called it. I finished my ride with 75 miles and 10,150 feet of climbing. Not a bad day on the bike for sure. I cleaned up the aid station area and packed the Jeep up and drove it back to Rico while Brian and TR pedalled back down the highway in the cooling temps. And I saved Laura a trip to pickup the Jeep at the same time. I was bummed to not have finished it but that is bike riding. Sometimes shit happens and you move onto the next goal. It was a great full day on the bike in the outdoors with some awesome people. Sometimes you need to appreciate what you can do and not what you couldn't or didn't do. Someone hand me a tissue please. LOL!!

More fun on tap this weekend with a bike packing trip on Friday night in the local high country. Anybody is invited to join in on the fun. Heading North out of Rico on Friday evening riding up the Dunton Road and camping in the Dunton area with a great route back over to Rico and coming down Burnett or Horse Creek via Eagle Peak or Johnny Bull. And yes there will be some hiking.

The Vapor Trail 125 on September 10th in Salida.

On Sunday we went for a short recovery ride on the Rico locals loop with TR, Danny, Ryan, Brian and myself after having an awesome breakfast at my house and coffee. Damn we are great hosts!

TR rocking up the climb. Recovery ride my butt!!

Ryan digging the old mine building.

Danny and Brian appreciating the recovery ride I chose.

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