Friday, August 31, 2012

24 Hours in the Sage 2012

I gave it a go at another 24 hour race which I have not done well at in the last few attempts. I'm hit or miss with these events and this time I was not right on. Sure I had 8 laps at 11pm and was looking to crush it but a crash at 3am took me off my game and I called it quits after lap 10. Darin took the singlespeed solo win with 12 laps with me in second and Jamon (winner last year) in third. I busted up my right XT brake handle and I took some good bruises in the fall. Also the rear wheel came out of the drops and I still cannot say what the hell happened. I was tired. Could have been worse. I installed the replacement XT brake handle this morning and got it bled so the Selma is ready for the Vapor Trail 125 in Salida next weekend. I'm hoping for a great ride and to go under 17 hours this year. Bring it.

Solo single speed podium

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