Monday, April 29, 2013

Big Miles Weekend

I started my my new position with San Miguel County last week and lucked out receiving a four day weekend. Bike packing time. I was looking for big miles and opted to ride to Fruita and back. I wanted a straight forward route and took all roads with lots of asphalt. I chose the El Mariachi SS with a 32x18. It was spinny at times but with the full load of gear it seemed alright. 

I started in Telluride on Friday morning with Laura dropping me off on her way to work. I pedaled straight through to Fruita with some nasty winds out of the North. I arrived in Fruita just before nightfall with 136 miles for the day. I was spent. I grabbed some food and hit the sack. 

Saturday morning I awoke and headed over to the Fruita Fat Tire fest pancake breakfast. My goal for the day was open ended and pedaled out of Fruita at 10am. I pedaled to Montrose where I arrived about 3.30pm with TR meeting me on his bike by Delta. I decided to stay that night in Montrose so TR and I headed over to the brewery. Later on we BBQ'd at his house with some beers and friends. It was a good time and my legs were happy to stop with 75 miles in for the day.

Sunday morning TR and I rolled out of Montrose a bit after 7am heading to Ridgway. The winds kicked up early and the ride wasn't so pleasant into Ridgway. My left ankle area was hurting from the previous weekends injury in Moab as well. TR stopped in Ridgway to meet family for some hilljack truck fest. I continued on to Dallas Divide riding with a old salty roadie named Gino who has lived in the Telluride area for over 40 years. We chatted all the way up to the top where he dropped me with his geared road bike. 

I just kept pedaling along bumming some water from a friend near Sawpit and rode up through Ilium valley onto Lizard Head pass which was all climbing. Laura had rode up to the pass to meet me and we pedaled back down to Rico stopping at the bar for some much needed food and beer. 300 miles with 15k of climbing for the weekend. 

It was a fun weekend without too much discomfort. Big miles carrying a bunch of gear and suffering on the single speed on the road. I'm getting ready for the Colorado Trail Race and I will be doing big rides with lots of brutal climbing and hike-a-bikes involved. 

Log Hill looking toward the Sneffels.

Lunch time in Montrose with a spicy tuna bowl I packed with me from Telluride.
Leaving Fruita on Saturday morning where I spotted Rick Watts from Vegas.

TR's house where we washed my clothing after two days of pedaling.

At 2 Rascals Brewery in Montrose Saturday afternoon.

Testing TR's bottle opener on his Toyota.

Back in Rico Sunday afternoon......300 miles and 15k climbing. 

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Durango Kid said...

Tabeguache n Paradox have been on my list for a while...maybe when the dogs die and the kid leaves home.