Monday, May 13, 2013

Messy Verde 2013

Another year and another single speed solo effort completed at the 12 hours of Messy Verde. 7 laps, 116 miles, 9251 feet of climbing with just under 11 hours of moving time. Sweet!

The race started off with the typical Le mans run to the bikes with lap 1 being slow in the ant line of riders clogged up on the single track.. After lap 2 and 3 it starts to spread out. I did have some dumb ass plow his shoulder into me while passing me. He was super aggro and I gave him a nice lecture on sportsmanship, etc while riding his wheel. Riders like him shouldn't be out racing with this type of aggressive actions.

I was riding great going into lap 6. I headed out for lap 6 and when I realized I forgot my water bottle  I turned around and went back to my pit to get one. Damn, rookie mistake. This cost me about a mile and a few extra minutes. Well, things got worse from there. Within the first mile I stated feeling nauseous and realized I drank too much liquids between laps when I pitted and needed to purge. Purge I did and I felt funky for awhile after that taking at least half the lap to get my head straight. I felt better but than at mile 7 into lap 6 I had some intense cramps hit me. I had to stop and massage my thighs and take some salt tablets. I finally made it through the lap which took me nearly 2 hours. I had lost a lot of time and knew my goal of 8 laps was not within reach. I came into my pit feeling much better and went out for lap 7 with no issues. I felt great. But  no lap 8 this year. I ended up 11th out of 40 plus single speeders. The train wreck of lap 6 cost me a few spots for sure.

Out on lap one. 

In the pain cave!

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