Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Colorado Trail Race Training

Since the 12 hours of Messy Verde wrapped up I have been out and about logging the miles with a loaded bike full of bike pack gear. I biked the Kokopelli Trail on an out and back,  an overnighter with Laura to Groundhog Reservoir, and the Death Loop on road bikes this past weekend with local Rico-ite Dan Holmes. I was close to one thousand miles for the month of May.

The next few weeks will include a shit- ton of hike-a-biking and overnighters on the Colorado Trail physically and mentally training. I haven't dialed in my exact gear setup as of yet but I am close. The newest gear item is the Fenix PD32 Ultimate Edition flashlights that run on either a CR123a lithium battery or a rechargeable 18650 battery. My Ay-ups are great lights but for the CTR I want to use disposables that I can find readily available on the route if needed. They are super bright with 5 levels of brightness topping out at 740 lumens.

This weekend I will be doing a ride from Rico up to the CT and over to Silverton and beyond and back to Rico maybe back  over Ophir Pass to mix it up. It's going to be a hard few days for sure but I can really dial in my setup with the gear and bike. 32x22 gearing is the call on the Selma.

Here are some pics of the last few weeks of riding.

Kokopelli Trail.

Panoramic from Joes Ridge.

Joe's Ridge.

Dez-ert flowers!

Laura on her way to Groundhog Reservoir.

Groundhog camping.

Mountain chicken.

Birthday beer at 11k elevation.

Fenix 32PD UE light. Sweet.

Out on the Death Loop.

On the climb up Red Mtn.

Salt Creek.

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Joe B said...

Dude. Sweet pics. Really jealous of your local trails as my temps are in the triple digits these days. I'm gonna check out that Imogene run, might have to come join ya. J