Thursday, June 27, 2013

Colorao Trail Race Prep

The Colorado Trail Race is fast approaching: a little over 3 weeks to go. Ready or not it will be here and I will be lined up at 4am on July 21st in downtown Durango.

I have been out attempting to do big miles and dial in my bike packing gear. It's been quite the process. Do you go with or without a sleeping bag? How much clothing to bring? And it goes on and on. I have decided to go with a sleeping bag. Shelter is key to survival if something bad happens. Here is my setup as of this writing.

  • Stoic 30 degree 850 down fill bag
  • SOL Escape bivy
  • Klymit air pad

The sleep system has been my biggest concern. The weight adds up fast. Here are some of my other items I am packing with me.

Lights: Fenix PD32 UE. One on the helmet and one on the handlebar. Extra batteries.
Bladder: Source 3 liter
Water Purification: Katadyn MP 1 tablets. And an emergency carbon filtered straw device.
Garmin Edge 705
Esbit fuel tablets with titanium holder to heat up water for instant coffee, ramen, etc. (super light)
Sil nylon tarp

Clothing items:

Loki rain jacket and rain pants
Extra wool socks
Cold weather gloves (Spez Deflector's)

Other miscellaneous items such as a knife, extra zip ties, extra bolts, chain links, lube, nutritional items, etc. etc.......Not sure about dragging the bear spray with me as it weighs half a pound.

Here are some pictures of bike packing this past weekend.

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