Monday, July 15, 2013

Durango Dirty Century 2013

The 2013 edition of the Durango Dirty Century went down on June 29th. I have been meaning to do a write up sooner but it seems time slips away from me. I'm consumed by the CTR which is coming up quickly. 6 days and change!

The bike I chose to ride on the DDC was unconventional to say the least. I had to be "that guy" as Ryan Douglas proclaimed out loud when I rolled to the start line at Velorution Cycles in downtown Durango. I was on my 34 pound Salsa Mukluk 2. For the ride it weighed in at 46 pounds loaded with water, etc. My Salsa Selma ti 29er ss was out of commission with the White Brothers fork in Grand Junction getting rebuilt. It's been giving me grief lately leaking for whatever reason. May be time for a change if Eric cant figure it out. It's the second time in the shop.

The DDC went off without a glitch taking me and my Mukluk 14 hours and 10 minutes to finish the 100 miler. 13k plus of climbing with just a touch of hail near Orphan Butte. The cloud cover was nice as the sun earlier in the day was torching me while I rode up to Bolam Pass. I was shooting for a 13 hour or so finish but the last 40 miles takes some time and effort to say the least.

I was still faster than my original DDC on my single speed.

It seems I have been the only person to finish the DDC on a fat bike. Garrett Alexander from Durango was on his fat bike but took a DNF opting for a "fun" loop for the day.

The Mukluk did its job. 

A little dirty at the dirty century.

Duane from Texas getting his hurt on at high elevation on Indian Ridge.

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Anonymous said...

Impressive. I have one and 32 miles is rough. Glad you were one of "those" guys and finished.