Monday, July 15, 2013

Kokopelli Bike Co 29er Ti Hardtail

There is a new bike company in town (Cortez, Colorado).....Kokopelli Bike Co. Paul, Pete, Scott and Keith formed a new company and designed some sweet looking titanium bikes that include a line of 29er hard tails, cross/road and some fatty bike frames. I have one of the first 29er ti hard tails to ride on the Colorado Trail Race. I have ridden on the new frame 4 times as of this writing and I am very pleased with the results so far.

It climbs like as well as any other bike I have ridden and it wants to rip downhill. I switched to a lighter Reba RL 100 mm for the CTR. Set up as a 1x10 it weighs in at 24.05 pounds which includes the heavier Nobby Nics. I typically run Maxxis Ignitors which weigh considerably less but a more robust tire will called for on the CTR.

These frames come decked out with a standard option of a splice in the seat stay to run belt drive along with bolt mounts to run racks. Standard is three water bottle mounts too. Now that's thinking it through. My biggest complaint with most bikes is not enough bottle mounts. The paragon slider drop outs are nice as you can run gears or single speed. I'm running my bike as a 1x10 on the CTR.

More reviews to come after I shake it down on the 500 miles of the Colorado Trail.

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