Monday, March 31, 2014

AZTR Countdown

The Arizona trail race is right around the corner. I've been going over what to bring, what not to bring, etc. never ends and I'm sure Laura is sick of hearing about it.

I did my last gear shakedown ride at Phil's on Saturday with Dan Holmes who is also doing the race with the full load of gear minus some food.

Here is details of my gear I will be using:

The bike: Kokopelli Bike Co titanium 29er hardtail, of course. I'm running a 32x22 gearing. I recently put on a new to me carbon Truvativ Noir Crankset and bottom bracket. New Maxxis Ikon 2.35 tires, a Rennon 22 tooth cog in the rear, 9 speed SRAM chain, new Eggbeater 3 Candy pedals and new XT brake pads.

On the bike: I will be going without a pack on the back and will have everything on the bike. This will include a Source 100oz bladder, two 32oz bottles in the feed bags, a 24 ounce bottle on the down tube with a Vapur 30 ounce  bladder for backup in the frame bag for when things get bad. That puts me at a full capacity of  218 ounces. That should be sufficient to get through the long sections. I will also carry a bottle of coke in the back pocket. Also in the frame bag will be most of my food and my bag of extra batteries for the Fenix PD 32 UE lights, SPOT and Etrex GPS unit.

The front handlebar Revelate Sweetroll will carry my sleep system. Including the Sweetroll it weighs in at a mere 3.5 pounds.  Tis includes the Sol Escape bivy, 30 degree Stoic sleeping bag, Klymit Inertia X-lite air pad and a ground tarp.

On the Sweetroll is a small pocket. This will carry small items like toothbrush/paste, small cable lock, water purification tablets, wet wipes, queue sheets, phone and other small items like motrin, butt butter, Thermatabs, etc. Oh, and tweezers and a comb for the nasty Chollas.

The rear seat pod will carry my bike repair items, two tubes with Stan's,, two small bottles of Stan's, tire repair items: needles and thread, tire boots, patches, extra cleat and bolts, brake pads, multi tool, air pump, chain links and super glue. I will also keep any extra clothing in the seat pod. This items will be dependent on the weather forecast.

Also on the bike is a Revelate Gas Tank and Jerry can carrying food and misc items.

That's it for the most part. 10 days and change until start time. 9am @ Parker Canyon Lake, AZ.

Follow the dots at this link:

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