Thursday, March 13, 2014

Moab Season

Enough of the snow!!

Well, it's Moab season for us people stuck in winter wonderland. But, than again it's always Moab season in my mind. It was dumping snow in Rico on this particular Friday and Laura and I decided to go over to Moab despite the chance of rain.

With the trails being wet we decided to go for a hike/run in the Devil's Garden located in Arches National Park. It's approximately a 6 mile loop with a handful of Arches to check out while on your hike or run. There is some rock scrambling involved on this hike and I wouldn't recommend it for my mom. There is some easier hiking immediately into the Devils Garden to see a few arches.

Sunday was super nice and we chose to ride Mag 7 trails. With the recent moisture the trails were in primo condition.

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