Sunday, April 19, 2015

RIP My Little Buddy

Our beloved Nacho dawg has passed. Cancer took his life.He was 12 years old and had been with Laura and I since a puppy. We adopted Nacho from a shelter in Las Vegas in 2003. Nacho lived most of his life in Rico but also lived in Vegas, Albuquerque and a short time here in Arizona. We knew right away he was a special dude and he knew he had a home and loved us equally. He changed our lives dramatically. He was an alpha dawg and we knew he didn't like kids. The day we adopted him he snarled at a passing kid in the Petco store. So, that was crystal clear for us to steer clear of little people with Nacho. And he didn't like very tall people. Odd. He had a few incidents with people he didn't like much. He also got a little angst when there was a lot of noise around him. He always wanted to know who was in "his house". He was my traveling buddy and we spent a lot of time in Moab on biking trips among other places. He loved road trips. He loved Arizona and we finally moved here and I am happy he was able to see the new house before he moved on. My heart is broken with him gone. There will be a void that will never be filled. My little buddy is gone.

We bought a weeping cedar tree to plant in his memory.

RIP Nacho...............I love you.