Thursday, July 9, 2015

Freako Kits

With enough interest to meet my 6 each minimum piece order El Freako Racing kits will be ordered. Made in The USA by Canari. I do this for fun and it's a PIA to collect the orders, money, ship etc. I don't make any money as I charge my cost. It's about $60 bones for a Jersey and the same for shorts/bibs. Feel free to throw me extra cash if you want for my time and hard work. I typically order the VPro cut and can do other cuts as well if I meet my minimums. Jackets can be ordered too if enough interest. Look at the Canari website for specific info on custom orders. Thanks from El Freako! 
PS..... on my last order I got stiffed for $300. I shipped the kits and no money. Asshole went dark... Brian Cottrell! If I don't know you that well I will ask for cash up front.

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