Sunday, August 9, 2009

High Country

Atop Blackhawk.
View from Blackhawk

Amazing views.

Section Point of the Ct looking toward Circle Trail entrance.

Celebration Lake

East Fork Trail.

A great ride yesterday in the high country. Planned on getting up in the middle of the night but didn't work out but I still got an early start and managed to ride 70 miles, 6500+ feet of climbing on the single speed. Rode up to Groundstock trail, to East Fork, over Blackhawk and continued on down to Roaring Fork and back to Rico. It was a perfect sunny day. The Colorado Trail race is in progress and ran into Dave Harris who was having a rear hub malfunction.

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Matt said...

I was hoping to catch you, but just could not get started soon enough. It should take me ~3 hours from my house to the top of Hermosa, so we could plan for a joint ride at top of Hotel Draw sometime soon. How long would it take you to get there via Blackhawk?