Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Recovery Ride

Another great day for a ride in the San Juan's. Took an easy recovery post-race ride up 145 to and around Trout Lake which is located on the North side of Lizard Head pass. 31 miles and 2k of climbing on the single speed cross bike (geared at 42x18). Changed out the handlebars from the On One Mungo's to the Origin 8 Propulsion's. The Propulsion's have more of a drop on them which I prefer. They felt great on the ride. I put on some Oury grips on the drops and it is a great bar to ride on road and off road. The Oury grips offer extra dampening for the rough fire roads around here.

The new bars are awesome. Do not be jealous of this fine looking 1x1 machine. I hope soon to repaint this steel frame all black.

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