Saturday, December 5, 2009

Little Creek-Utah

As a tradition we have established we head to SW Utah for some riding the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Last year we had nearly 15 or so of us riding the Jem trail/Gooseberry trail but this year found only five of us up for the Utah ride. On tap was Little Creek trail. Little Creek Trail system is a great alternative to Gooseberry. Not as much slick rock as Gooseberry but enough to get your fix. THe singletrack sections between the slickrock patches flow nicely. The 29er single speed is great for this type of terrain. Adam and I both were on 29er singles. Adam has a sweet Vassago Jabberwocky single speed like mine but his is in white. A great frame choice for anyone looking for a nice steel single speed frame. Adam rides it like a pro. So it was myself, my wife; Laura, Adam, Heidi and Keevo from SoCal to tackle this awesome single track. The weather was looking iffy but ended up being a great day for riding. A little bit of lighting and thunder and some snow flakes at the end of the ride.

Laura and Heidi.
The view from the rim.

Keevo having fun.

A petrified UFO flying saucer.

Adam going for it over the rock drop.

Keevo taking some pics with Heidi doing some adjusting of her bike.

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