Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip

Laura and I had a great Thanksgiving in Las Vegas visiting friends and of course riding. A big thanks to Dale for the fine accomadations. We spent three days in Vegas, 2 days in the St George area and one day in Moab. I finally had the chance to ride Little Creek across from Gooseberry Mesa (thanks Adam for getting us to the trailhead); what an amazing trail system they have put together. We also rode Church Rocks while in St. George. Here are a few pics, I will post more pics later.

Me ripping down Baby Steps in Moab.

Adam Pace in Little Creek.

Keevo ripping through Prospector Trail on our way to Church..............Rocks.

Laura ripping down Baby Steps in Moab. She is having fun.....look at that smile.

Laura and I in Cottonwood Valley overlooking Vegas at Kujo's grave site. We buried him up there in June of 1998. He passed away when he developed a liver tumor. Rest in peace little buddy.

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