Thursday, July 8, 2010

Durango Dirty Pics

Near the top of Bolam Pass. I was taking my sweet time here and decided some pics were called for.
Remnants of the old mine.

Celebration Lake where Doug, Scott and I grouped together.

Making our way up toward Indian Ridge. Here is the upper section of Grindstone which leads to Bear Creek.

Scott seeming to enjoy himself.

Doug also enjoying himself.

I was enjoying myself here unknowing what was to come in the next 20 miles.

The views at Kennebec are astounding.

Kennebec Pass area. The weather was threatening but soon cleared out after a touch of hail.

An old mine building atop Kennebec Pass.

Happy to have made it pass Indian Ridge without bad weather. The hike-a-bike wasn't much fun though.

Cool waterfall along the Colorado Trail on on way back to Durango.

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