Monday, July 19, 2010


Laura and I had four days off of work and a friend in town with his 7 year old son from Las Vegas for the week so we took advantage and went down to the Zuni's to camp and ride. It was hard to leave the nice weather of the high country in Rico for a much warmer climate, but it is nice to just get away from everything. And the nice thing about going to the Zuni's is that you never really see anybody. I was able to ride about 75% of the Zuni 100 course and also show Laura some of the trails she hasn't ridden yet such as Quasimodo, Milk Ranch and Purple Haze to name a few. She had a great time.
Side note....these pics were all taken on my Blackberry as I had forgotten the real camera.

Nothing but singletrack.

On the Zuni 100 course near the Wildlife Center.

Cavern on the Milk Ranch Trail.

Laura having fun on Tampico Trail.

Laura letting loose on Berma Trail.

Sheet Rock Lake on our way to ride Lost Lake Rim Trail.

Me having fun.

This coyote was so fixated on his prey he was stalking that he didn't hear me behind him. I also saw a bear over on the Berma Trail.

Sad to see people who discard trash in such a beautiful place. I witnessed some local natives drinking malt liquor near our camp and toss the beer cans on the ground and drive off. You would think the local natives would care about their surroundings. Apparently not.

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George said...

Hey El Freako,

Love your blog. Great photos. I live in Arizona but my family built a cabin on the West Fork. I'd like to hook up with you for a ride when I'm up there some time. I mostly ride single speed. My friend, Steve Garro from Flag built me an awesome fully rigid 29'er. Drop me a line.