Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phil's World

I had a chance to ride Phil's on Monday before I went grocery shopping in Cortez. I get elected to do the shopping on my days off on occasion. It is only fair since Laura has to go work while I'm off playing. It was a perfect morning for a ride and I was able to beat the rain clouds. When I arrived back in Rico it was pounding rain as is typical for this time of year with the monsoons upon us.

And speaking of monsoons I was greeted with a 6pm monsoon pounding as I was riding Alta Lakes loop on Wednesday. Not fun at all.

Ledges Loop singletrack.


Matt said...

Amazing how much more rain you guys get...seems Kennebec blocks thos storms and sends them north... It can be sunny in town and down pouring at Hermosa....

Jeff Hemperley said...

Yes, the monsoon patterns are right up our alley way. Got lucky last night (Thursday)and rode Alta again and not one drop of rain but plenty of wetness on the trees and ground. I was the ride guide to show the girls the route through the maze of singletrack.