Monday, April 11, 2011

12 Hours Dawn til Dusk 2011

The 2011 Dawn til Dusk didn't go exactly as I wanted it to. The wind and weather did me in as I mentally checked out when the rain/snow started to fall during lap 5 so I called my race after lap 5 and finished in the overall 40+ age group in 9th place. At this juncture Dan Durland and Charlie Hayes were off the front with a big lead with Gregory, Hight and myself racing behind in our age group. Durland flatted and stopped after lap 7. He was dundo from the cold. The raced was called at 5pm due to the deteriorating conditions. The snow was pounding down in the last hours of the race. There was a  lot of tough people that kept on going in the crappy conditions that started around noon. I wasn't that tough on this day. The winds were ridiculous at about 25-35 mph and gusts probably over 40mph. I was physically blown over a few times. Congrats to the people who toughed it out and stayed in the elements. It wasn't my day to keep on motoring in those conditions. I certainly was on pace to obtain 8 laps before the race was called as I had lap 5 finished up at 12:36pm and plenty of time to get to 8. Mike Melley finished lap 9 in the under 40 age group but he was not in before the 5pm cutoff so it was not counted. The after party was great with lots of free beer. I had more than my share for sure. LOL!! Good times nonetheless.

 Friday afternoon was nice except for the wind but the weather was not to cooperate.

Sunday morning at the race venue.


Carney said...

Dang - I did that race back in '08 when I didn't have a job and could leave for a week at a time and it's been the only year in recent memory where the weather was actually good.

Jeff Hemperley said...

Hey Carney. Yeah I have been doing this race since day one and it is certainly hit and miss with the weather in the spring time there. Last year was pretty good weather. Lots of racing still to do this year.

Dan said...

I thought you were bullshitting me about my 30 min lead. In your words, LOL!!!