Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Riding

 It was a great weekend for some more bike practice at Phil's World. The weather was nice and warm and I actually obtained my first sunburn of the season. Niceeeeee! I received my early birthday present on Friday; titanium handlebars for my Airborne made by Ti Cycles out of Portland Oregon. They make lots of custom ti products from handlebars to custom frames. They have the same sweep as the Mary bars (30 degree) without any rise. They are super plush. Ti bike, ti bars and I think a titanium stem is next with ti spacers and a ti top cap.

We stayed home on Sunday and I got out on the road with the mean Dean road bike for the first time this year. It has only seen roller miles indoors and it was begging for some outside time. I obliged and rode to Telluride and back to Rico. I had a nice headwind all the way back which wasn't much fun but what can you do? Just ride and grin.

Climbing out of Ophir to Telluride. The grade is 16 percent in spots.

Wilson in the background at the overlook near the Alta Road turnoff outside of Telluride.

Shawn Gregory took a nasty fall just after the Rib Cage area and potato chipped his front wheel. He is OK for the most part with bruised ribs and bruised internal organs. Ouch. 

That time of year again with the Mexican Lager by Ska Brewing Co. Good beer after a good ride.

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