Monday, May 2, 2011

Fruita Fat Tire Fest

Laura and I headed out to the Fruita Fat Tire Festival to do some riding, see some old friends and of course drink some beer. TR met up with us as well and he was excited to ride his freshly built Niner single speed. We awoke Saturday morning to a fresh dusting of snow and freezing temps. The snow melted off quickly with the help of the high winds and the temperatures somewhere in the 40's. We rode the Kokopelli trails on Saturday morning after visiting the expo center and buying a few things. Loki outdoor wear was there blowing out some great jackets and I bought a soft shell (Myth Soft shell) and a rain jacket (Tak Light Shell) and Laura also bought a Tak Light shell rain jacket; hers being the 2011 version and both of mine the 2010 versions with better pricing of course. The jackets have built in gloves and face covers and hoodies. Ideal for where we live and I have never owned a great lightweight shell rain jacket for the rainy rides I get caught in. I've been making do with  a cheap version brand from REI. Anyways, we covered most of the trails in the Kokopelli system until the weather worsened and we headed back to town to enjoy the fat tire festivities. We were invited to the VIP party to watch the bike film 'Life Cycles". What a great movie and well filmed. Sunday we met up with some Vegas friends and rode the 18 Road trails with the wind at a constant 20 mph.Zippity was a bit sketchy on the exposed ridge. The trails were super fast both at the Kokopelli and 18 Road trails.

Myth Soft Shell

Tak Light Shell

Yep, snow in Fruita.

Gourmet coffee from the gas station.

On Mary's overlooking the Colorado River.

Laura cruising up Mary's.


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