Monday, May 23, 2011

White Rim in a Day! Dundo!

With a week's rest after completing the Kokopelli Trail we were off to ride the WRIAD. The usual suspects made the trip over; TR, myself, Paul Adams and of course Laura. Shawn Gregory and Kiviok Hight made a bad choice to stay local and ride some pretty muddy trails around Dolores. We were delayed one day by the heavy rains on Friday so we started at 3am on Sunday morning. The rim route turned out to be in excellent condition with the typically sandy sections packed down rather nicely. Even the moon silt dust at Potato Bottom was great. We rode the route in a clockwise direction starting 10 miles down Mineral Bottom Road so we could ride that grinder of a road in the dark and finish it off in the beginning rather than at the end of a long day. We would finish the ride attempting to ride but hiking some of the switchbacks up the Mineral Bottom road and motor the three miles to the camp. The first 60 miles were spun out quickly in just under 5 hours. The 32x19 gearing was a good choice. I typically always use a 32x20 and my legs just like that gearing for everything. I felt the 19 gearing on some climbs from my tired legs riding the KTR the previous weekend; which was a big effort..... Naturally I guess. It didn't start getting hot and humid until mile 85 or so when were going up the backside of Hardscrabble which has nearly a 20% percent grade. Murphy's Hogback earlier in the ride clocked in at a 23% grade at one point. We had to hike around Upheavel Wash as it is back flowing upwards from the swelling of Green River. We also ran into Laura who was doing an out and back on the Mineral Bottom side. She has been training hard of late. My goal was to have under 8 hours and 45 minutes of pedaling and I made it in camp at 8 hours and 39 minutes. Paul was in at 8:36 and TR in at 8:48. I even had some water left over. I started off with a full 3 liter bladder and three 22 ounce bottles on board and a 12 oz Mt. Dew. I have been using the Osprey packs on the past few endurance rides and they make the best product out there IMO. I am an Ergon fan (grips) but their packs are really uncomfortable for me and I have had my problems with the Ergon failing at inopportune times; for example a shoulder strap ripping out in the middle of the KTR in 2009. Come on, German products are usually pretty good quality? A pack shouldn't fail; especially when it is brand spanking fucking new. Also the Osprey bladders are made by Nalgene and they are easy to use with a handle to hold the bladder while filling it up. Highlights of my gear were the Osprey pack, new Ti handlebars and Ti stem are cushy. Ay Up lights rock. Super light on the helmet. I don't eat fast food but rarely but a McDonald's cheeseburger is great during these rides. Nutella and honey on a tortilla are good to bring along. Honey Stinger waffles are great. Raisins,, tums, Salty Nut Rolls (Paydays) and Turkey Bites to boot.

The stats: 100.3 miles
elevation gain: 6852
saddle time: 8:39
calories spent: 4788
average speed: 11.5mph
average HR: 130
Max HR 172

TR and Paul's preride conversation. "TR to Paul; this is my first time to ride the WRIAD, do you think I can make it?"  Paul to TR; "Just be careful out there. Jeff and I can pull you through and babysit you if needed." TR to Paul. "Thanks Paul, you guys make me feel good about myself. I'm just scared but the positive encouragement really helps me." Paul to TR. "Dude, no problem."

Laura prepping dinner on Saturday night.

Sunset on Saturday night on Mineral Bottom Road

An hour into the ride. Picture op at the Park Entrance.

Beware of road closures

Sunrise on Sunday morning.

TR posing for the camera

Grinding away.

White Crack turnoff

The view from Murphy's Hogback. Lunch break. See the road down there...that's where we are going.

Lunch break at Murphys Hogback. I look worked.

Paul looking cool.

On the Green River.

My bike posing next to the Green River

Green River

Ruins along Green River

Upheavel Wash flooded out. Hike around.

Hmmmmm. Odd rock formation.

Hardscrabble camping area.

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