Thursday, May 19, 2011

White Rim in a Day

White Rim in a day assault this weekend. I've done it twice counter-clockwise but never clockwise. Looking for a fast loop with minimal stoppage and starting at o-dark thirty. It's right around 104 miles and approximately 8k of climbing. 32x19 gearing should be good. The weather is looking great unlike the local weather in Rico which is crappy throughout the weekend. It can stop snowing any time now.

Washout on Mineral Bottom before rebuilding from flood waters in August 2010.

Mineral Bottom's new road recently finished.

Flooding at Upheavel Wash on west side of Mineral Bottom due to spring runoff.

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gregclimbs said...

32x19 is a great gear. the 18 is doable and it pays out on the flats... but more walking on the climbs.

i like clockwise. park at the top of minearl, because the road after that climb is otherwise soul sucking. fine at o dark thirty as a warmup, but soul draining on the way to the car if you park at the road.

have FUN and ride & smile.