Friday, May 27, 2011

SSUSA 2011-One Week Away

I'm really looking forward to the SSUSA race in one week in Boulder, CO. I haven't been to Boulder so it will be cool to see some new scenery; meet new friends and see old friends all with one common thread.......riding a single speed. This is an all exclusive single speed race. No geared monkeys around. My gearing choice will be difficult to choose as the race course details aren't divulged until Friday night on our mandatory cruiser ride around Boulder. I'll come prepared with multi gear selection and hopefully with local knowledge of the trails I can get some insight on the terrain. It should be a great party.

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Judd said...

Man. Have a great time at SSUSA. I was planning to go - but The Lt Col 'told' me that I'm going to the 24 Hours in the Canyon. Oh well. Show those front range dudes how to do it.