Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday Post Race Ride

I awoke early Sunday in Cortez where I had camped after the race. Its nice to stay late and not worry about driving as the post race awards and visiting with people is just as big part of the race as is the actual racing. Some people just race and scatter for the hills and do not enjoy the after party. I got to talk to Dave Weins in length about several topics. He is a great guy to talk to.
Sunday proved to be a fairly nice day in Rico with the exception of the winds that were blowing from the south at 20-30 mph. Laura and I jumped on the cross bikes for a spin up to Lizard Head Pass and back. The tail wind going up was wonderful but I knew the return trip was going to be unpleasant. And it was. I just buried my head and pushed through blasting the music. It took Laura about 20 minutes plus longer than me to get back. She wasn't too happy either and a nice headache to boot. That's cycling. I did an extra few miles and ended up with 28.5 miles and 1700+ feet of climbing. The legs were a bit sore form the race but still felt good to push the single speed up the road.

 Laura atop Lizard Head Pass.

Me at Lizard Head Pass. Short sleeve jersey at 10,300 feet is nice. That's a first this year.

Yep, after wanting a new tattoo for the past 10 years I finally pulled the trigger and did it. A Chris King single speed cog. You only live once. I love it.

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