Sunday, May 8, 2011

12 Hours of Mesa Verde

The 12 hours of Mesa Verde effort for me this year was exactly how I predicted it would end. Me not dealing with the warmer weather. Living in Rico where it was last week in the teens doesn't lend to dealing with warm weather in May. I got so nausea and sick during lap 4. I cramped for over an hour between lap 4 and 5. Just brutal. I thought I was doing the right things in terms of hydration etc but obviously not. I went south. I have yet to find my groove this year in terms of my racing. It's been an ugly few races. Good thing I'm not a paid pro or I would be out of a job. LOL!!! Amateur shit it is! Some of the BWR racers did well with Steve Reiter from D town placing 2nd in our solo single speed class and Shawn Gregory from the newly formed Kokopelli Race team placing 3rd. Paul Adams, another Kokopelli race team member did great  placing 4th behind Shawn and only within minutes of catching him at one time.  Good job everybody!

TR and I sporting the new Kokopelli race kits. Looks like I will be splitting time wearing both BWR and Koko team kits.

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