Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up: Miller and Riding

Millers final resting stop in Rico.

 It was a tough weekend emotionally starting on Friday when we had an appointment to end Miller's suffering. It's never an easy call to make when you are ending a life. Miller was suffering; not eating or drinking water for nearly a week except maybe the smidget of jam or honey he would lick off our fingers. We had Miller for 13 years from when he was just a wee little kitten. He provided Laura and I so much joy his entire life. His name comes from my favorite garage beer; Miller. He was always an active vocal cat. Super smart and always there to greet you when you came home. He enjoyed dog food and would come eat with the dogs when they were fed. He was the lead dog (cat) amongst the animals in the house. Even Nacho would bow down to Miller. I never thought it would be easy to lose a pet but this was pretty damn hard on us. Laura and I chose to be in the room when they put the lethal injection into Miller. I wanted to see him go peacefully. And he did. We buried him in our yard in Rico on Friday evening with one of his favorite blankets and a few of his favorite items. He has a nice headstone in which I will engrave his name. We have been lighting his grave at night with a candle and had a 8x10 picture framed of him Saturday which is hanging in the living room. We miss him dearly. Rest in peace Miller.

With more than a few tears shed we put miller to rest. Laura and I decided to name Saturday's mountain bike ride at Phil's World  "The Miller Memorial Ride" which will happen the first weekend in April every year. I rode 42 miles on Saturday and Sunday was a good easy ride at Phil's for 22.5 miles. Laura rode her new Vassago 1x9 and rode a total of 47 miles with both days combined. The Dawn til Dusk 12 hour race is this Saturday April 9th in Gallup, NM. I think I'm ready.

Below is LK's new Vassago and my single is below hers. I was out washing them in the snow on Sunday afternoon.

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Matt said...

Sorry to hear about Miller, he was a great cat and made quite an impression on me when I met him. Pets live a fraction of our lives and the only thing you can do is to make sure they live the most enjoyable life that they can. Take care.