Monday, October 24, 2011

Phil's World Pre-Halloween Ride 2011

Halloween is almost here and it was time to ride Phil's World in costume. A bunch of the Durango folks and locals from the area have a tradition of riding in costume and having a parking lot party. SKA brew was on tap. After a good hard effort of 20 miles with Shawn, Krista and Todd Park we enjoyed some beers and snacks. Also this year a time trial on a 60 pound bmx rig was in store only of course after drinking a mandatory 3 beers.  

Yep, I rode all of Phil's in that mask. It was warm!

Yep, there is a helmet under there somewhere.

Laura the witch! She even had a broom attached to the seat.
Shawn Gregory in his Hawaiian get up on his full rigid clunker. Sweet skirt!

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