Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter is here to stay!

It definitely looks like winter is here to stay. Last weekend we received a total of 12" over two days and it's been snowing now for two days with snow called throughout the upcoming weekend. I've embraced the cold and snow. It's part of living where we do. It can wear on you. It's a long winter. I have been running a few days a week on the highway and riding down in Phil s World the past two weekends soaking up the single track on the new fat bike. But, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving where we are traveling to Arizona to enjoy the sun and ride bikes.

Here are a few recent pics. Some biking and running...except this week...I have been home with a bad earache/sinus thing that's been hanging on to me for awhile now. Time to see an ENT, it seems everybody is booked this time of year with the holidays coming up. I'm not a happy person when I'm feeling like this and I tend to extend that to Laura which she doesn't deserve. Sorry Laura, I love you!!

Thursday's view from the living room.

Nacho on guard!

Phil's World last Sunday on the new fatty!

Lizard Head Pass looking at Sheep Mtn.

Out on a run after work with the beautiful San Juan sky

Embracing the cold on one of my runs after work.

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