Saturday, December 27, 2008

Out in it.

The snow finally started to lighten up and Laura and I decided we better get out and dig ourselves out. We spent nearly 4 hours shoveling and snow blowing the driveway. Close to 3 feet of snow in spots just from the two day storm. Mountain living at its best at 8827 feet. What a workout for sure. After that funfest I decided to hit the rollers for 45 minutes in the house and than went for a short run (15 degrees at 3pm) with my sidekick, Nacho. Santa Clause brought some neat studded gadgets for my running shoes. They work great out in the snow covered streets.


Matt said...

You are a regular mountain man now more greenhorn from the desert. Glad to see you settling in.

Jeff Hemperley said...

I guess after awhile you ahve to accept where you live and riding the bike year round doesnt exist in this environment. Just get out and enjoy it.