Sunday, December 7, 2008


Another great weekend of riding......Phil's World in Cortez. Saturdays ride included James Guest, Mike and Sophia Guskea, amongst others. Ran into Shawn McGregory and rode with him for a bit before stopping to wait for others in our group. James was first to present himself and we rode together for the duration of the 22 mile loop ( I tallied 34 miles myself doing multiple small loops waiting for the carney's to show up). Rode again on Sunday at Phil's with Matt Turgeon (Durango), Shawn and Dean; both of Dolores. Phil's World is becoming a well known destination around the 4-corners area. Many Durangotangs riding this trail system at this time of year. The crowds are much larger than just from a year ago. The single track is flawless.

As quoted by Brandon Mathis in an Outside Magazine article:
This is high-desert mountain biking. Gliding around bends, floating over ledges, skirting cliffs, the trail just keeps unwinding. Climbing and descending mesas, ducking branches, endless carving through ravines at exhilarating speeds: This is a different world. This is Phil's World.

I couldn't have said it any better.


Mitch said...

I thought you and Matt were headn' out with us yesterday...Guess cheesburgers were more important!

Jeff Hemperley said...

Yeah we bailed. Lunch sounded better. Hope you had a great ride.

Slater Fletcher said...

More epic trails...? Looks like you are getting in quite a bit more before the snow! NICE!

Hope to ride with you guys again soon. Found out my buddy in AZ is just 20min from Sedona ;-)