Saturday, December 13, 2008


A pretty good weekend so far. Went down to Cortez to attempt to ride Phil's World on Friday but it was too muddy and was forced to ride the the road for 20 miles around Cortez.

Saturday was a great day for a ride in Farmington on the Road Apple Rally Race course. Shawn, Dean and me made the journey for some single track that wasn't snowed in. For those who have raced this course know what it is all about. It is filled with motocross whoops all around the 30 mile course. Some parts of the trail are wide enough to drive a car down. I assume ATVs poaching the trail system and poor handling abilities by some motocross folks have caused this. Nonetheless it was fun. We pushed a good pace throughout with a few stops to chit-chat.

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Mitch said...

Almost time to get the skis out and bust some track...