Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Riding

The roads were in much better condition on Sunday for a nice 2+ hour road ride to Trout Lake and back. The temps were in the 25-30 degree range and maybe a bit colder on Lizard Head. I was prepared for the cold.

Changed my gear ratio to a 38x16 ( I incorrectly stated I had a 32 on the front but was incorrect) for the slow winter snow pack/slush, etc.) Still hurts the same as my 48x18 ratio I was running and is much slower downhill. Which is alright when it's 25 degrees out and blowing in your face. I think my lips were freezing on the descent on this ride.


Matt said...

Nice! I picked up some Pogies to cover my brakes.

Mitch said...

That sounds like a personal problem Matt...TMI brother..

ojulius said...

You need some good lip balm. :)