Sunday, January 11, 2009

Out riding

I know the curse word is juvenile.

The Bianchi torture machine. Switched out the front crank set to change up my gear ratio. Ran a 42x16 for this ride. Seemed good for everything.

Pic above of McPhee Reservoir. Nobody out water skiing today! LOL!!!

Matt and I had planned for an all day epic but he decided to bail on me so my plans changed. (You owe me Matt) My bro-in-law, Mike Guskea, didn't want any part of a ride either so I decided to not go as far as we discussed but still tallied over 60 miles on the Bianchi SS cross bike. Started in Cortez at 10.20am and went out to 491 and headed towards Dove Creek, turned around after awhile and cut across to Dolores and back up to Rico. Over 4 hours in the saddle and 5k of climbing. Not a bad day when the temps were single digit in the morning. More of the same today I figure. Another 50 or so miles will be good.

Taking a break at the West Fork of the Dolores.

Dolores River.

It's cold out here.

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Matt said...

Sorry buddy....but the roads down South called me. I'm back in DGO now and will head out today to see whats open.