Friday, May 15, 2009

12 Hours of Mesa Verde

Did mediorce at the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde. I mustered 6 laps which put me 10th out of 28 solo single speeders. Next year will be my year!! LOL!!!

It's Friday. May 15th and I'm getting ready for the next monster ride. Tonight at midnight we leave Moab and ride to Fruita. AKA the KTR. No outside help, carry all you need and filter water out of the mighty Colorado River. Single speed of course on the 29er with a gear ratio of 32x20; my standard gear. It should be fun to a degree. Riding with Shawn and Kiviok. My usual riding buddy and teammate, Matt Turgeon cracked some vertebrae in his back last weekend at the 12 hour race so he will be sitting this one out. Heal fast my friend. I sure will miss riding with him. This is my third time riding this so I'm well accustomed for what is coming at me. A long ride that has taken about 18 hours to complete. 142 miles and 15k of climbing.

Out. Details after the ride.


ojulius said...

See? That last lap was so worth it! Top 10. :)

Good luck at KTR and have a good time.

Matt said...

I will be back!