Sunday, May 31, 2009

Death Ride

The Death Ride Loop took place for three of us on May 30th. This ride consists of 236 miles and somewhere in the range of 15-20k of climbing. Maybe more. Shawn Gregory, Kiviok Hight and myself started at 4.10am from Dolores and rode this loop clockwise. We hit Rico around 6.20am and Laura, my lovely wife, had hot coffee and breakfast burritos waiting for us. Thanks Laura!!!!! A bit cold up in the high country, around 31 degrees when we hit Rico but soon the sun was out and it was looking to be a good day. We hit Ouray around 12 pm and stopped for a lunch break at a local restaurant. We than headed up Red Mtn; a 13 mile huck to 11,018 feet. The weather turned on us half way through this section and it was looking to be a real long day. After getting hammered with rain and wind for about half an hour it subsided and started clearing. The descent down into Silverton was pretty frigid. I had planned my clothing selection correctly. It was roughly 3pm when we headed out of Silverton after warming up with some coffee and made our way up to Molas Pass; a 7 mile climb and Coal Bank Pass; a 3 mile climb. We finally arrived in Durango around 6pm and ate some dinner and made our way through Durango and up the big climb on our way to Mancos. It was dark at Mancos so it was time for the lights to be turned on and we started our last 19 miles to Dolores. Most of it uphill. The weather again turned on us and we were greeted with a head wind, rain and lightning for the remainder of our ride. We finally arrived in Dolores at 10.15pm. What a ride!! Approximately 16 hours of pedaling and 18 hours total of being out in it. Not sure if I want to do this ride again but it was a ride of a lifetime.

My Dean titanium road bike. Packed with the essentials.

Kiviok looking fresh in Placerville.

Shawn with all kinds of gear. Where did he put all of it?!

Me and Shawn making our way up Red Mountain.

Red Mountain Pass....11,018 feet elevation. 13 miles of climbing from Silverton.

Shawn making it to he summit of Red Mountain Pass.

Kiviok arriving to the top of Red Mountain Pass. It was cold and wet.

High country for sure.

Atop Molas Pass. Beautiful views abound.

Three tired cyclist on the last big pass before descending the 30 miles into Durango. Than it was only 47 miles to the finish in Dolores.


thedurangokid said...

Didn't you try this one last year with even more rain?

Joe B said...


You rock. That ride looks epic and awesome.

Carney said...


Matt said...

Excellent work! Congrats on the get ready for the SS version. :-)

The Durango crew is planning last week of July, btw.

Jeff Hemperley said...

Yes, last year, I did get more rain right when I hit Durango and got a lift back to Rico after 150 miles. We were pretty lucky this time with the weather. It did suck when the rain was pounding us on Red Mtn. The SS version will be brutal.

Slater Fletcher said...

holy crap.... Nice ride dude!