Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spring in Rico

The weather has been somewhat decent. A little rain and thunder but nothing major. Snow is melting and our little "local's loop" is opened up. Rode on this loop Tuesday and Wednesday.

The new bridge I built two weeks ago.

Rico from above. An awesome place to live.

Nacho hanging out last weekend watching me piddle around the yard before I headed out to do the KTR.

Pic of our house from last weekend. The month of May has been like June weather lately.


Matt said...! Your snow sure cleared out FAST!

I'm in Telluride on Friday and will bring bike to ride...Would prefer road spin. Wanna meet me up there around 1-sh?

Jeff Hemperley said...

Weather looking wettttttttttttttt...............

Nina Baum said...

Great photos!