Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kokopelli Trail Race

I survived the KTR; 142 miles from Moab to Fruita on mostly rocky knarly 4x4 road, some asphalt road, and a little bit of singltrack at the end of the ride. Total of 15,000 of climbing as well. We started in Moab at midnight and I finished right at 19 hours which is not bad considering I had some issues along the way. My Ergon pack shoulder strap started unstiching itself and I had to rig it with duct tape. My water filter handle broke for my last water stop so I went without water nearly 2 hours and to top it all off my egg beater right pedal spring broke while negotiating Troy built and Lyons loop and I decided to bail over the ridge to the frontage road. That wasn't much fun in the last few miles of riding single track. Shawn and Kiviok from the Cortez area joined in on the fun as well and finished their first KTR. Temps ranged from 37 degrees at night to the mid 90's during the day. Np ics right now as I didn't take any. Kiviok may have soem for me.


Matt said...

Ehh....your did it for 2009. Blah year. It's a yearly ritual, move on, and another year will be epic.

BTW...I'm doing it this year.


You in for another?

Jeff Hemperley said...

Just to finish is great.
Yes, let's do it this year sometime.

Thomas said...

Jeff,T.ray up here in Aspen hows it goin.

NMES said...

yo freako, whats the scoop on kokopelli this yr? 15th Apr correct?
i'll plan on seeing you at the inaugural Enchanted! and expect you to stop by for the HalfAss in lat Aug (btw, are you working with Lenny on a Colo Endur Series page for NMES /AES?)


jimfab said...


We met at the Sedona Big Friggin loop last year. Anyway, doing the Kokopelli trail in late sept. 2 day bikepack. Interested? 2010. cheers-