Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moab Dirt Time

Moab is great this time of year!!

I took full advantage of a free day to make a day trip to Moab this past Saturday. TR from Montrose came over to stay the weekend in Rico at the Hemperley Casa. Laura was in Albuquerque with her sister on a biking trip so I was on dog duty for us and the Guskea's. Departed Rico @ 5am and met up with Kiviok who drove us three to Moab. It was 60 degrees at 8.30am. It was going to be a beautiful day. I had planned a mini epic route; with TR and Kiv trusting my judgement on the ride. I decided to ride part of the Moab Rim Ride 100 route as TR and Kiv hadn't ridden some of this great Moab terrain. No better way to ride something but with somebody who has. No maps or GPS needed. We parked at the bottom of 313 and 191 and rode over to Willow Springs Road to the Sovereign Trailhead. We rode Sovereign trail system counterclockwise and made our way over to the big green monster and to the pipeline road and underneath highway 191 in Courthouse Wash. Next up was Mill Canyon/Cotttermine Road to 7 Mile Rim . Now this was a climb. We made our way over to Wipeout Hill and onto very sandy hike-a-bike double track to 313. We crossed 313 with more climbing up an area known as Dealbreaker. Lots of roads in here. I followed the markings used for the Moab Rim Ride 100 over to Gemini Bridges Road. Once we arrived at Gemini Bridges we decided time was waning so we bailed on riding Metal/Masher and Little Rim and made the big loop via Gemini Bridges road back to 191 and back to the truck at 313. We ended up with 50 miles and nearly 5000 feet of climbing. What a great ride!!!

Kiviok and TR dicking around with something.

Sovereign Trail.

Kiviok having a great time.

TR enjoying the views.

7 Mile Rim.

Great looking rock formations along 7 mile Rim.

The fun hike-a-bike making our way over to 313 from Wipeout Hill. I think Kiviok and Tr were talking about hunting the whole time.

Nice and smooth down Gemini Bridges Road.

Gemini Bridge.

Kiviok and TR enjoying the view of Gemini Bridge.

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Nina Baum said...

Darn, I am jealous! Looks like fun! I've only ever gotten really lost & a little bloody on the Sovereign trail.