Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whiskey 50

The Whiskey 50 was a throw down. The competition showed up in droves for this one. I will not go into great detail but my placing was suspect and even though I appealed and voiced this to Todd Sadow the race promoter my 7th place out of 44 single speeders will stick. It just seems odd when I pass Tom Ament from Vassago early on and he never passes me again and takes 4th in front of me. He even confirmed he never passed me back up. Very suspect. It is what it is. I ran a great race and couldn't expect more from myself. Epic riding through some awesome terrain. Mike Hileman; my good friend from Vegas took 1st in my class. Nice job to Mike!! He rocked it on a 69er full Ti rigid.
My wife Laura entered the 25 miler race and did great herself. She placed 15th out of 29 female racers to finish in 4 hours and 19 minutes. Awesome job!!! That was a great birthday ride for her. I'm so proud of her. It was not an easy race by any means and probably one of the harder races to do considering the climbing involved and techy terrain.

On the way back from Prescott we hit Sedona with a good post race ride with some old friends and new friends.

Next on tap is possibly the Alien Run XC race in Aztec. After that is the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde on May 8th and on May 14th/15th is the Koko Ride.

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