Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Bye to my Toyota Tacoma

Our trustworthy Toyota Tacoma is gone. It is now resting peacefully at a farm outside of Mancos, CO. It will spend many years now co-mingling with the chickens and goats that Lottie and Kevin have on their farm. It was time to sell my friend of almost 6 years. We had some great trips and if that truck could could write a book.
The next vehicle will be profiled soon. If all goes as planned we are traveling to Carbondale, Colorado tonight to pick it up.
We will certainly miss the trusty Tacoma. I did however request visitation rights.


Laura K. said...

Our little boy has grown up and left the nest for bigger, greener pastures... literally!! :o)

Ava Harness said...

Although it’s a car, parting ways is quite hard, most especially if you’ve had a lot of memories with it. We also have this second-generation Toyota Tacoma that’s been with us for years in our farm. That mid-sized pickup truck sure has a lot of trustworthy torque power that we find so reliable. Anyhow, what’s your new vehicle? Keep me posted. Thanks!