Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bear Creek

There has been one ride that I had yet to do in my immediate area around Rico..........Hillside up to Grindstone to Bear Creek. So on Saturday I got out and did it. Shawn wanted to explore a few alternate routes to GPS for his biking maps he makes for the local area. We went up Hillside which is a very nice casual grade and climbed 10+ miles and took a right turn onto another fire road and found a hint of a trail that Shawn wanted to check out which led to a short hike through the trees to see where the lower grindstone loop connected potentially to this road we had just been on. We than took a left turn on the lower Grindstone Loop Trail and started climbing up and of course no bike ride isn't complete without a gnarly hike-a-bike thrown in. At this point there was a nice view looking down into Grindstone Lake/Rough Canyon. We than continued on to Grindstone Trail and down to the Bear Creek trail and out to the trailhead. Bear Creek is definitely a bit techy in places and the potential to fall and hurt yourself is great. Total loop was 34 miles and 4170 feet of climbing. A nice day on the bike.

Bear Creek.

Shawn descending Grindstone.

Rough Canyon.

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