Thursday, October 14, 2010

Las Vegas Part II

More photos of the Vegas trip. Nearly 200 miles covered in 4 days. 2 days of road and 2 days of mountain biking.

My new friend. Blue Diamond wild donkeys. Not that wild apparently. They were grazing on a homeowners lawn. Better grazing than out in the desert.

I don't see a damn thing. This picture is out of order. This was taken on the Red Rock Scenic loop on our road ride on Monday morning.

Atop Wounded Knee in the Blue Diamond area. (named after I split my knee open up here in 2001 which required 10 stitches to close).

The burn area looking toward Wilson Tank Overlook out in Cottonwood Valley.

Visiting Kujo; Laura's Keeshhound she had when I first met her. Laura and I laid him to rest up here at the overlook above Red Valley after he succumbed to a liver tumor on June 25th 1998. RIP my little buddy. We miss you dearly.

The mobile man cave out at the Red Rock Overlook.

Desert big horn sheep grazing along the highway out in Boulder City.

After leaving Las Vegas we decided the legs weren't tired enough (yeah right) so we stopped in Sedona for a quick 3 hour ride. Broken Arrow, Submarine Rock, Chicken Point, Llama Trail, Templeton Trail, Cathedral out and back and Mystic back to the Broken Arrow trail head.

On Submarine rock.

TR getting it done on the 29er single.

Getting after it in the Chicken Point area. A bit sketchy on the full rigid.

My new house. LOL!!

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