Monday, October 4, 2010

More of the Same

I have been riding quite a bit and the legs have been feeling it but with the weather so nice it is hard to not get out and enjoy the fall weather. Also, less people out on the trails it seems like, not that I see that many around here anyways. I saw 4 hikers and 3 bikers on this ride. On Sunday I humped up the highway to the Eastfork TH and made a loop over to Section Point on the CT and rode down Circle Trail and right into El Rico. 29 miles and 4100 feet of climbing in 3.5 hours. Another good day on the bike for sure. Rain was threatening a couple hours into the ride but it held off until the late afternoon here in Rico but looked like Durango was getting some rain when I was up on the CT riding toward Section Point. Take it while we can. The snow will be here soon.

This is the section of the East Fork that dumps onto double track for a bit before getting back on the singletrack. Look carefully and Lizard Head is in the background. The forest service has closed the meadows section of the upper Eastfork Trail and diverts 1/4 mile up to the double track before connecting to the CT at Celebration Lake.

At Section Point getting ready to drop into the Circle Trail. If you haven't ridden the Circle Trail it can be confusing to locate at the top where it intersects with the CT. A bit of free riding is called for before hitting the lunar bowl section of trail and than its pretty fast super tight alpine single track.

This view is looking toward Barlow Creek Road.

The view from Section Point. Lizard Head far off in the distance.

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