Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

What a weekend! Drove out to Vegas for the Viva Bike Vegas Century with TR. Laura didn't want any part of a long drive as we will be going back out to Vegas for Thanksgiving. A 115 mile ride around Las Vegas including the new bypass at Hoover Dam. The new bypass is huge. It isn't officially open but for the century ride they let the bikers be the first to ride on it. For the 115 mile ride there was 1500 riders and you had the option to be timed with a chip. 500+ riders were chipped and TR and I were number 49 and 50. I knew it would be a race to the bridge which was at mile 40 and I was in the 2nd pack to reach the bridge. The front pack was blazing fast with Mike Hileman (5th overall) and some other local roadies putting the hammer down on the climb up to Sunrise Mountain. After reaching the bridge we pulled it back and enjoyed the remainder of the ride around the Las Vegas Valley which included looping up to Blue Diamond and riding the Red Rock area and finishing back to downtown Las Vegas. Total time was 6:44. The weekend included rides at Blue Diamond/Cottonwood Valley, Red Rock Scenic Loop and stopping in Sedona for a quick loop on Tuesday.

Here are some pics of the bridge. I will post more pics later of the total trip.

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