Monday, December 13, 2010

2011 Racing

Well that time of year to start thinking of what races to do in 2011. There are so many and so little time. Here are a few definite races early in the year;

February-24 Hours in the Old Pueblo (Tucson)
March-Sedona Big Friggin Loop
Moab Rim Ride
April-12 Hours of Dawn till Dusk (Gallup)
May-12 Hours of Mesa Verde (Cortez)
Grand Loop Race
June-24 Hours Enchanted Forest (Gallup)

There are a bunch of endurance stuff too in between all of these I want to do so I will just play it by ear and finalize races as the months come up. Should be another good year of abusing the body. I may throw in some running stuff as well like a marathon. We will see.

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Joe B said...

Keep me posted on your running marathon plans, maybe we can do one together.