Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Running

Wow; what a busy last few days. Lots of time on the rollers inside due to the weather and lots of time spent shoveling snow and plowing snow amongst my other worldly duties like house work.

I was motivated enough to get out and do a 5am snowshoe run this morning for an hour before work. Snowshoe running is a great work out and safer than running on a snow packed highway with plows cruising by you and the potential for a driver to slide into you. Drivers seem startled to see a bright light pointing toward them when it's on their side of the road for some reason. LOL!! Another 6-8" of snow fell overnight so the depth of the snow was perfect on the snow packed roads of Rico.

I spent an hour plowing my driveway, cul-de-sac area and Mike Guskeas driveway area last night and will be repeating that process tonight it looks like. We have received about 12-16" of snow in Rico since yesterday morning. That is the one thing that took awhile to adjust to living in the high country; lots of wasted time spent shoveling and plowing snow. It is what it is. Only 4-5 months of it to go!!


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Matt said...

Lots of nice riding down here!